Art. 1 – Date

Friday 23 – Saturday 24 – Sunday 25 August 2024

Art. 2 – Rendezvous

Place of Market Square – Marlia (Lucca) rue Paolinelli

Art. 3 – Start – Finish

Place of Market Square – Marlia (Lucca) rue Paolinelli

Art. 4 – Routes

VINARIA® consists of three differentiated routes:

One 49-km SHORT route marked by the colour GREEN;

One 79-km LONG route marked by the colour RED.

One 18-km FAMILY

Each participant can choose the most suitable route.

The choice may be indicated upon registration.

It is possible to change the type of route chosen up until the start of the race with no penalty for the participant.

Routes will be signposted with arrows but participants should rely on the “Road Book”. Road layouts can be downloaded from the website in the days prior to the event.

Art. 5 – Starting time

Starting time is set for 8:30 am Sunday, 25 August 2024. 

Art. 6 – Registration

Registration opens on 29 February 2024 and closes on 25 August 2024.

It is possible to register on-site on Saturday, 24 August from 3 pm to 7 pm and on Sunday from 25 August from 6.30 am to 8.30 am.

Participation, with or without club membership, is possible through registration by filling out the form found on and sending it, together with the payment receipt, by email at, in the days prior to the event. If the above-mentioned documents are not sent, the cyclist cannot participate at the Ciclostorica and registration is not retained complete.

For club members, participation fee is € 20.00 if paid within 30 June 2024.

From 1 July 2024 until 23 August 2024, the fee is € 30.00.

Registration fee paid on-site on Saturday 24 August and Sunday 25 August is € 35.00.

For non-club members and foreign participants, an extra fee of € 5.00 must be added for insurance coverage.

For participation in the Family route the registration fee is € 20.00

Art. 7 – Medical Certificate

Vinaria is open to anyone who has completed 16 years of both sexes. WARNING! Since 2015, according to the new regulations, it is compulsory for all participants to give the organization an AGONISTIC MEDICAL CERTIFICATE of fitness for cycling practice for those wishing to take the long route (79Km), for those wishing to take short route (49Km) it is necessary to present a AGONISTIC MEDICAL CERTIFICATE of fitness for cycling, no certificate is required for the Family route (18km)

This certificate must be valid on the date of the event, so its issue must be after October 23, 2024. All participants must provide this document by 15 August 2024 by emailing it at in PDF format. Anyone who does not comply with this requirement will have to bring the certificate and hand it over to the organizers on the day of the number retirement, with the risk of making long queues and even worse than having an unsuitable certificate and not being able to attend the event.

Art. 8 – Participation criteria

Only cyclists on so-called “bici eroiche” (“heroic bicycles” – vintage road racing bikes) may participate in the race.

By ‘bici eroiche’ we mean bicycles having all of the following characteristics:

  • Road racing bikes built before 1987;
  • Steel frame (only aluminium frames built by Alan and Vitus with screwed or glued joints are accepted);
  • Shift levers on the down tube of the frame (exceptionally, pre-1980 non indexed bar-end gear shifters are admitted);
  • Pedals equipped with toe clips and straps (no type of clip-less quick release pedals are allowed; Cinelli M71 pedals are admitted);
  • Brake cables must pass outside and over the handlebars. Newly built bicycles with steel frames but having vintage features are allowed as long as they are assembled using vintage components (gears, handlebars, pedals, etc.). Change of the gear ratios is allowed based on the difficulty of the ride.

On specific request to the organisation, exceptions regarding the type of bicycle will be granted to participants with sensory or motor disabilities.

Exclusively for the 49-km route, other types of vintage bicycles will be admitted, such as general working bicycles, postman’s bikes, leisure bicycles, etc.

Any registered cyclist who arrives at the start line with a bicycle that does not conform to this set of rules and regulations will be not be allowed to participate. Non-club members between 16 and 18 years of age are allowed to take part only in the 49-km route and with the indemnification of at least one parent. For the 18km route only (Family), participation with any type of bicycle will be permitted.

Management reserves the right to disqualify any participant whose clothing or behaviour is considered farcical, mocking or in any case inappropriate for the event.

During the event, cyclists who have not registered may not join the ride, at risk of being dismissed from the route. In case of accidents, they will be held civilly and criminally liable for any damage caused.

Admittance to La VINARIA® in by invitation and the Organising Committee can, at any time and at its sole discretion and with no obligation for further motivations, decide whether to accept anyone’s registration.


Art. 9 – Participation fee – Insurance policy

For club members, the participation fee is € 20.00 if paid within 30 June 2024.

From 1 July 2024 until 23 August 2024, the fee is € 30.00.

Registration fee paid on-site on Saturday 24 August and Sunday 25 August is € 35.00.

For non-club members and foreign participants, an extra fee of € 5.00 must be added for insurance coverage.

For participants born before 1946, participation fee is € 10.00 plus € 5.00 insurance cost (if applicable).

The registration fee includes:

  • Registration to the event;
  • Race number for your jersey and bicycle;
  • Road Book which will be stamped at each checkpoint;
  • Food stops in varying numbers according to each route;
  • ‘Pasta party’ at the end of the event;
  • Showers at the finish line;
  • Complimentary gift package containing typical products of the area.

Cyclists who are not members of the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) or of other clubs promoting the sport of cycling can take part in La VINARIA® only if they indicate, upon registration, that they wish to also take advantage of the daily insurance policy activated by the organisation, at the cost of € 5.00, to be added to the registration quota. The registration fee for the FAMILY route (18km) is always € 20.00 and includes a race pack with typical local products and a pasta party at the end of the event.

Art. 10 – Payment

Only the following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Bank transfer made out to: G.S. Cicli Carube A.S.D. at Banco Popolare – Agenzia Segromigno In  Monte Via di Piaggiori (LU) (Italy)
  • IBAN: IT88G0503424763000000101657
  • SWIFT:

Indication: Registration to La Vinaria 2024

  • In cash upon registering on-site Saturday 24 August and Sunday 25 August (during the registration hours established)
  • Through PayPal/credit card, usable online on the website

Cheques or other forms of payment will not be accepted.

A copy of the bank transfer receipt confirming that payment has been made must be sent to the following email address:

To register sports groups, it suffices to make one global payment indicating the names and surnames of each individual participant.

Access closure to the long course and a mandatory detour on the short course is established for participants transiting at the first food stop located in Camigliano from 11 am.


Art. 11 – Registration confirmation

Registration is retained completed and properly made after the entire fee has been paid and the data has been sent pursuant to what is set forth in the points above.


Art. 12 – Replacements or withdrawal from race

Substitutions are not permitted nor is it possible to postpone your registration until the following year.

If a cyclist is unable to participate in the event, he/she will be entitled to a refund of the registration fee, only if he/she sends a written request by email to: by 31 July 2024, indicating:

  • Name, surname, telephone number and registration date;
  • Copy of the payment receipt showing the date that payment was made;
  • IBAN code of the bank account that should be refunded.

Art. 13 – Delivery of numbers and complimentary race package

In order to be able to collect the race numbers, a valid ID card will be requested as well as a copy of the payment made and of the registration form sent.

The race number may also be collected by third parties only by presenting a written proxy and the documents mentioned above.

Art. 14 – Time limits, route closure and assistance

The time limit is set for 3.30 pm.

Medical assistance with ambulances will be present along the routes.

No mechanical assistance will be present. Assistance through private vehicles that follow the event is allowed only if authorised by the organisation.

Art. 15 – Checkpoint stamps

Checkpoint stamps are the only proof of the route undertaken. The Road Book will be stamped along the route, in certain checkpoints and at the finish line.

Art. 16 – Use of helmet

The use of the helmet is mandatory.

The participant can choose whether to use a vintage or modern helmet.


Art. 17 – Complaints

Any complaints should be sent to the organisers by email: within ten days of publication of the list of participants who completed the ride.

Art. 18 – Information

La VINARIA® – Gruppo Sportivo Cicli Carube A.S.D.  Via Piaggiori n.39, Segromigno in Monte 55018 (LU)  Italy

e-mail:, website:

Mr. Roberto Lencioni cell. +39 347.2315386 – Mr. Saturno Acciari cell. +39 333.9074482 – Mr. Angelo Cortopassi cell. +39 328.3111200 

Art. 19 – Cancellation of the event

If, due to reasons of force majeure, the event should not take place, 50% of the fee paid upon registration will be reimbursed.

Art. 20 – Changes

At any time, the organisation reserves the right to bring changes to the regulations. The website is the only official information body for the event. Hence, all official notices shall be disseminated exclusively through it.

Art. 21 – Characteristics of the event – warning

La VINARIA® is a NON-COMPETITIVE LEISURE RIDE on asphalt and gravel (dirt) roads. The route will remain completely open to traffic and hence it is MANDATORY that cyclists respect the Italian Rules of the Road (‘Codice della Strada’). Additionally, it is mandatory that all cyclists carry with them a puncture repair kit.

Art. 22 – Disqualifications

Disqualifications shall be applied for:

  • Participation with another cyclist’s race number and the unauthorised transfer of your registration;
  • Participants found on unauthorised route detours;
  • Participants showing abusive and offensive behaviour towards the judges and the employees of the organisation;
  • Participants caught throwing rubbish outside allocated areas at food stops or checkpoints;

In severe cases, at the sole discretion of the organisation, a lifetime ban can be enforced. We appeal to everybody’s sense of civic duty to keep the territory involved in the event clean.

Art. 23 – Final norm

By requesting to participate in La VINARIA® in one of the ways set forth in this set of rules, each participant declares to:

  • Have read and approved the set of rules published on the website and to accept every portion of it.
  • Be aware of the fact that the event takes place on asphalt roads and dirt roads and that the entire route is always open to traffic hence it is MANDATORY for all participants to respect the Italian Rules of the Road (‘Codice della Strada’). It is also mandatory to bring along a repair kit for punctured tyres.
  • Guarantee a correct and civil behaviour during and after the event.
  • Have undergone a medical examination for general bike racing or for leisure cycling and hence to be in good physical condition, pursuant to the medical certificate issued at the end of the examination and still valid on 21 August 2022. If the participant fails to provide the organisation with the eligibility certificate, he/she assumes every responsibility for his/her statements and by signing the registration form, provides the organisation with indemnity from any physical damage he/she should undergo as a consequence of his/her participation in the event.
  • His/her consent to the use of his/her personal data, even for commercial purposes, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30/06/2003 (Italian Privacy Act) as subsequently amended.
  • Grant the organisers the broadest consent to use, as permitted by law, including for profit, all video footage, photographs, etc. taken during the event, also giving them – upon registration – the right to supply such images to third parties.
  • He/she expressly authorises the organisation to freely use images – fixed or moving – featuring the participant, taken during the event and throughout its duration. This authorisation is to be considered indefinite and without territorial limits around the world, for use in various publications and films, including, by way of example and without limitation, promotional and/or advertising material of any type. The organisation may also transfer the rights of use specified herein to third parties and their institutional and commercial partners.

The organisation and its partners accept no responsibility for accidents or damage to persons or objects that may occur before, during or after the event or as a result thereof. Moreover, the organisation reserves the right to exclude from the event any cyclists showing misconduct before, during and after the event.